What I should have said…

bipolar speeches

Whenever I am asked to do a talk or a presentation I always write word for word what I would like to come out of my mouth. The only problem is, I have a terrible memory. I actually have a cognitive impairment that is a result of one of my medications. In a nutshell this means I don’t process information as quickly as I’d like. My reaction time is too slow for me to be able to drive a car, I struggle with things like spelling and short-term memory and also practical things like climbing stairs or crossing roads, sometimes even signing my signature is a mystery. I know it sounds ridiculous but there are times when my brain just doesn’t connect and the message gets lost in the ether. 

But I don’t let it beat me! I work around it in daily life and I write my speeches like I would write a blog or an excerpt from a book. Very rarely does every word that I want to say actually come out; on stage I always say as long as the meaning behind my words is delivered then that has to be good enough. 

I love writing speeches and it’s a shame for them to go to waste so I thought I would post what I should have said here, the way they were intended to be delivered. 

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